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How Will You Celebrate Earth Day?

What Is Earth Day? Earth Day occurs the same day every year, on April 22nd. The purpose of Earth Day is to celebrate and support the protection of the environment! The first Earth Day ever celebrated was back in 1970, and drew in over 1 million people to participate. In 1990, nearly 20 years later, Earth Day drew in a crowd of over 200 million people across 141 countries! Now, Earth Day is celebrated in a total of 192 countries and believed to reach up to 1 billion people.
Over the years, Earth Day activities have changed as each year has a new theme. In 2017, the theme was "Environmental and Climate Literacy". For this year's Earth Day, the theme is "End Plastic Pollution". The use of plastics has grown exponentially over the years, and we are truly seeing the negative impacts it poses on the environment. According to the New York Times, "the main cause for the increase in plastic production is the rise of plastic packaging, and in 2015 packaging account…

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