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Libraries Rock! Summer Library Programs

Every year, local libraries in the Piedmont choose a theme for their Summer Library Reading Program. This year the theme "Libraries Rock" was chosen, combining reading and music for a more interactive learning experience. Stormwater SMART chose to incorporate music with water by reading a book about thunderstorms titled "Tap Tap Boom Boom" By Elizabeth Bluemle. The program begins with an interactive reading of the book. Depending on the age group, the children get to do a selection from three crafts. We provide the supplies to make spoon maracas, paper shakers made from toilet paper rolls, and rain sticks made with paper towel rolls, usually best for older crowds.

 After the group gets to make one or two of these crafts, the children gather around the instructor. They are lead through a Thunderstorm activity, taken from the "Project WET" curriculum. This activity gives the kids a chance to move around and create their own version of a thunderstorm while …

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